Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Introducing Ginger...

Member #665
"GINGER (the ninja)"


Born 30/4/2013 (Taurus; year of the Snake)

I love to be let loose to play - speedy gonzales when I escape inside the house. 

Anyone is welcome to sniff, pat, wrestle me and cuddle me.  

Aunty Nik's lap (won't quite call herself mum yet) is the best though for cuddles.  

Not fussed about anyone's size, even if I am about equal just to their head and can probably fit in their slobbery mouth in some cases.  Got a wee bit more growing to do.

Just learning how joyous it is to dig holes: rocks, mulch, sand, anything goes. 

Just learning not to bite certain things: feet, fingers, trousers with legs inside.  Doh!

I can sit, drop, come, heel. 

Don't mind wearing different clothes. 

My toys and cushions still have all their stuffing.  Amazing eh??

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