Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Introducing Fergie...

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ABOUT ME: Fergie is a Tan/red coloured short haired mini, though she’s bigger than we thought she would be at about 9.5kg.  We live in Bicton and have noticed more ‘Dashies’ moving into the area in recent years.  A delightful long haired pup called Morgan moved in down the road very recently.

Fergie is an absolute joy to have around and loves to play.  She has an impressive stash of soft toys and balls that she drags out every night to play with and attract our attention.  She makes us laugh every day and the whole family absolutely adores her.  She is very timid when out and about after getting many frights from over boisterous BIG dogs and she barks a bit too much at the passing parade of walkers past our house, but she is forgiven easily.

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