Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In memory - Chilli...


To my dear chilli girl.

The day you came to my home is one I will never forget. Shivering, a bag of bones, you were so so tiny, the fur on your tail had gone from bites and your eyes seemed dim. When I was told of the terrible conditions you had been found in I knew I had to have you.

Your first night home you didn't know what to expect, ( didn't help that Faye kept trying to lick you) I placed you in my bed an cuddled you, and that's where you stayed.

After a trip to the vets and some meds, you were soon on your way of looking great.  You never left my side, I don't think I ever heard you growl at anyone ( apart from when Brutus would try to bite your ears), u wanted a cuddle from everyone even after being treated so cruelly, u loved nothing more than a good cuddle.

You enjoyed walks and seeing everyone at the long dogs meets even if u were not that sociable with the other snags! At night u would crawl up my legs an sit on my lap until bed and we would share a pillow.

Everyone would say they always knew where I was in the house as your footsteps behind mine gave it away. I never dreamt I would be loosing u so soon, although we didn't know your exact age the vet said roughly about 7-8, u still had so much life to live.

I miss u more than words can explain an I know that Faye, Bruty, and your human family do too. You were loved by everyone that met you, and your long dogs family. I'm so grateful I got to be your mum even if it was for a short time. You will always be apart of this family and we will never forget you. Rest in paradise chilli girl

Love mum xx

Ed: We have great admiration for those people who open their hearts and homes for rescue dogs. In many cases these dogs cannot be insured because of their age or pre-existing conditions. The Long Dogs community has asked that we name our next March walk The Chilli Ashby Memorial Walk.

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