Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In memory - Harley...

On 20th January we said a sad goodbye to our beautiful boy Harley.

He came into our lives in January 2009 as a wriggly little thing who gave us endless love and joy. His best friend Angus misses him so  much as do we.  Poor Angus was blamed for the holes dug on back lawn, ripped up toys and paper, stolen food off the table, which we now know was the Harley Barley.

I found him on Friday 17th with a stiff back and pain, rushed to vet, from there to WAVES, where it was first thought an operation could fix him, but not to be.  The damage to his spinal cord was massive and his paralysis and pain grew hourly.  We took him home on Monday as he was stressed by the strangers tending him, and our local vet came and we held him as she put him to sleep.  We dont know what caused the damage to his back but he was known to climb on table out the back and jump off, massive chasey.

He entertained us every day with his funny ways and personality and our house is so empty without him, even the chronic barking at everyone who dared to walk past.

Vale Harley Barley, we loved you so much and miss you every day, especially bedtime, our special time.

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