Monday, July 14, 2014

Introducing Daisy...

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ABOUT ME:  My Daisy is 3 yrs old and the girls from work all got together and got her for me as a Xmas present, they knew I had been searching for a dachshund for ages so needless to say I was so thrilled with my new fur baby.

3 months ago she started with terrible  diahorrea and on taking her to the vets they said it was a food allergy so she was put on a strict diet, however after 2 weeks the diahorrea turned into her just passing blood so the vets then said it wasn't a food allergy but a auto immune problem and her red blood cell count had dropped seriously low and as a result her breathing was faster because of lower oxygen in her blood, her gums and tongue was almost white, rapid weight loss and no energy.

She was put on a course of antibiotics and steroids in combination with a diet high in iron  and probiotics. There is no explanation for why this happened it just may be genetics and it's not very common in dogs as young.

I am pleased to say that now my little daisy is going great she's one tough little sausage and has made a full recovery with her medication slowly being stopped. I am one very grateful and happy mum.

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