Saturday, July 5, 2014

Introducing Sausage...

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ABOUT ME: Sausage  adopted us when she was aged 3 and a bit-ish. She is a dachshund cross but we're not sure what the cross part is - it certainly isn't her temperament because she is a sweetheart. We suspect part parentage of either Jack Russell or Chihuahua. Whichever she is but she is 100% GO GO GO.

Her ears aren't quite big enough for your run-of-the-mill dachshund, but still need resetting to factory default on occasion. She exhibits the typical dachshund tripod stance when she is looking up at you waiting for her physic powers to kick in (usually when there is cheese involved).

If she didn't already answer to her name we might have renamed her Tik-a-Tik for the sound she makes on the floorboards when she tap dances, or Tigger because she is so bouncy.

Sausage loves everyone and just wants to play.  Sometimes Smudge looks at us as if to say - when is this one leaving - and we can't find a way to tell him that this one isn't a foster dog and will be his sister furvever.

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