Friday, October 31, 2014

Introducing Sundee...

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ABOUT ME: My human keeps meaning to sit down and introduce us, but she's been a bit busy, so I thought I'd better do it instead. Took me a while to figure out the ALT + CTRL+DELETE with paws.

So I'm Sundee, "die uber wunderhund" (say it a German accent for maximum effect). I'm a 6 month old male mini and I live with my big human and my two little humans . I love long walks at the beach, in the park, zooming around the backyard and I love going in the car.

I also love shoes, especially Italian leather ones (you really can taste the difference), matching belts and handbags. Oh, and socks. Especially dirty ones, the ones from my little humans are best. But most of all I love snuggling with my humans on the couch or sometimes if I can look really cute, under the covers.

 I'm looking forward to coming along to some of the Long Dogs walks in the future and meeting some new friends.

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