Monday, November 3, 2014

Introducing Milo...

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ABOUT ME: My name is Milo I am a miniature long haired brindle dachshund. I was born I NSW in a town called Fishers Ghost near Campbell town. My owners are Sally, David, Keegan and Chelsea who adopted me when I was 8 weeks old and I grow up in Leonay NSW at the foot of the Blue Mountains. In 2009 my family moved to Perth and we all had to fly which a different experience for me. When I arrived in Perth only David was there to meet me as Sally and the kids were still packing. Boy was I glad when Sally, Keegan and Chelsea turn up!! David is good but he works a lot.

Life is good in Perth and I love going to the beach but I am not very good at swimming.
We live near lots of parks and I go for walks with Sally all the time. I have just turned 10 which my humans think is great. I sleep a lot but still manage to get into lots of trouble like when I chewed my Dad's sleep apnea mask!! It was very good to chew but they didn't seem very happy about it!!

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