Sunday, April 12, 2015

Introducing Ivy.....

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ABOUT ME : This is our new addition Ivy. We weren't planning on getting another sausage but as a family, we thought it would be best if we got another to keep our Melo company while us humans are off working. There is only a few months difference in age between Ivy and Melo. Ivy is a lovely little ball of fun. She is definitely a lady and does not like cuddles unless SHE wants cuddles, and believe have to work at getting a cuddles from this little miss. She loves belly scratches and playing tug of war with her big brother Melo. She also loves digging in our sand pit looking for treats, going for walks and trips to the dog parks. Her two young human siblings also love playing in the yard together with both of the mini's. I really never thought these little dachies would bring us as much happiness as they have in this short time we've had them. They are definitely a big part of our family now!

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