Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mandurah July 2016

Our Mandurah walk was the wettest and shortest I've attended, so a big shout out to all those long doggers who braved the elements.

39 doughty dachshunds arrived at about 1:45 pm and enjoyed a good (dry) sniff round with the other dogs before we headed off, at brisk pace, around the park a little after 2pm. A few minutes into the actual ramble the rain began, which served to shift the pace into more of a brisk trot.

Before anyone gets too concerned about doggy welfare, the walk was a showcase of the latest and greatest winter wear for the hound about town. And those dogs who weren't keen on getting their paws wet made this abundantly clear in the early stages and were carried under coats and umbrellas for the 10-15 minutes we were out in the wind and the rain.

Others seemed to be unconcerned about the weather.  Little wirey Bart posed for a photo in the blustery wind before going for a good old snip around a tree.

By 2:30 pm Jo, Kaye and I were just about the last ones in the carpark as everyone bundled themselves off to dry towels and a good afternoon nap.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a scarf from the Long Dogs shop. At $5 they are a bargain, and with the winter weather a great investment.

It wasn't great weather for Kaye to be showing off her great new Long Dogs polo shirt, but hopefully she'll have it on again next month for anyone who might be interested.

One of the highlights of the walk was the family reunion between litter mates Goofy and Treacle. Now 14 they turned up to the walk in matching prams, the same white facial markings and melt your heart eyes. Both are a credit to their loving families so thank you Liz and Yoku for sharing this with us.

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