Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Frock up for High Tea

Want to share your love for dachshunds without your friends and family thinking you're a bit nuts?

Invite them along to High Tea at the Pagoda Resort and Spa on Saturday 13 June and show them that even crazy dachshund ladies (and gents) can drink tea with their pinky out.1 Well, maybe don't phrase it to them in those exact terms, but you get the idea.

Tea, cakes, tablecloths, people on their best behaviour, that kind of thing.   It is also a special opportunity to sit down, eat and drink without being watched by 'they never feed me and I'm starving down here'  beautiful, big brown eyes.

This is a human only event, with food for humans, but funds raised go to the dogs (Dachshund Rescue Australia) so everyone wins.

Tickets are $49 each and there are vegetarian and gluten free options available.

This is not a members only event. Please invite friends, family, neighbours, colleagues - anyone who likes a scone and finger sandwich. Get together a group of ten to book a table to yourselves, or come solo, in a couple or more. Tickets are strictly limited so avoid disappointment and buy yours online now.2

1) There will be a raffle, silent auction and perhaps some games so it is slightly possible that some of your friends will get to laugh at how crazy some of the other dachshund people are, but in comparison think about how positively normal you'll look...

2) Steak knives are not included in this offer. Steak is also not included, nor are liver treats, schmackos or bones. Stop looking at me like that Smudge - YOU ARE NOT INVITED.

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