Sunday, February 8, 2015

Introducing Meika.....

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ABOUT ME : Hello.  My name is Meika and I am new to Perth and Long Dogs; I can't wait to meet everyone.
Just a bit about me.  I am eight and from near Dubbo in NSW.   My former principal person felt that I wasn't getting the attention I deserved and decided to allow me to be adopted.  I came to my new family in WA just before Christmas.
I have a new friend called Chelsea, who is rather elegant, with her long hair, and two cats called Smudge and Milo.  They looked at me as though I was, well, something the cat dragged in, but are now quite friendly.  I suspect Milo will make a good hot water bottle in the winter!
My new mum says she was told I am a bit of a lounge lizard, true, and I do need tho lose some weight.  Perhaps seeing all those slender young things at the next Long Dogs walk will inspire me.
At the moment, I'm not too keen on exercise.  My mum hopes that will change when it is not so darn hot!
Looking forward to meeting lots of fellow long dogs soon.

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