Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dachshunds in the Park - February 2015

What a wonderful  afternoon we had yesterday at Piney Lakes.

With your generous support $513 was raised for the Chilli Memorial fund. This fund is used to provide some financial support for former rescue dachshunds who are unable to be covered by pet insurance and who end up needing significant veterinary work.

Thanks to Nadine, Sary, Michael, Sharleen, Jo & Chiara for all their hard work preparing for and running this event. We had over 80 dachshunds attend and much fun was had. It was also great to see so many people and their dogs remembered to wear red.

Of course the natural redheads had an unfair advantage.

'Fabio' (not his real name)
Even the red tailed cockatoos put in an appearance.

A number of people I spoke to were first timers. You can usually pick them because they are pointing and giggling a lot, but there were some that settled in so well you'd think they'd been coming along for years. Some of the canine first-timers were a little more apprehensive, but there isn't a lot you can't handle when you have a best mate to hold you hand.

Barney and Nacho
I don't know what happened at the West end of the park, but something went amiss as all the dogs coming back seemed to require factory resets to their ears.

For more event photos look on facebook and our online gallery

Our next walk will be at Woodman Point on 29 March 29.

Please join our hosts Nadine, Sary and Michael at Piney Lakes Reserve in Winthrop (Map) on 28 February to commemorate Chilli, who was lost to mammary cancer last year.

For those not familiar with Chilli's story, she was rescued from a puppy farm and was welcomed into Nadine's adoring family. Sadly all too soon she succumbed to mammary cancer, a result of over breeding in her puppy farm life.

Once Chilli's medical bills were paid, remaining donated funds were used to establish the  Chilli Memorial Fund. This fund is intended to help LongDoggers and Longdogs alike in special cases like Chilli's.

Join Chilli's friends and family this February at Piney Lakes Reserve to further cherish her memory. We ask that you wear red in her honour.

There will a raffle and balloons, with all proceeds going to Chilli's fund. Please advise if you have anything that would make a suitable raffle prize and collection or a drop off point can be easily arranged.

The meeting point will be near the car park off Murdoch Drive, marked with the pin on Google Maps.

DATE: Saturday 28 February 2015


MEETING POINT: North of the Car Park off Murdoch Drive

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